IT projects development We create websites and applications from idea to release. We develop existing projects. We help launch startup's MVP and develop it

What we do

We work with projects at any stage from writing technical specifications to release.
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • The whole team at one place
  • Project management from idea to release
  • Diverse technology stack
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Zero-code development
Zero-code technology helps to speed up the work on the project and reduce the cost of it.
  • MVP development up to 4x faster
  • Budget savings up to 2.5 times
  • Development flexibility
  • Ease of integration
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A single ecosystem for your business to work in
  • All the online meeting tools in one place: live feed, chats, phone calls, video calls, and more
  • Create a workgroup, add team members, set their roles, and get down to assigning tasks.
  • Сomplete control over sales process - from lead acquisition to customer service.
  • A single hub to monitor customer activity, reply to messages and comments, analyze data and collect stats.
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Let’s discuss your project

    Руководитель quote

    Hello, my name is Denis Devyatykh. I represent a team of experienced IT developers whose knowledge and skills help many interesting projects to grow and develop.

    I went from an ordinary employee of an IT development bureau to a general director.

    During this time I have assembled a team of diversified specialists. Our specialists use different technologies in their work, from the classic stack to zero code. But we all have one thing in common — love for our work and the belief that any task can be solved.

    Each of our projects is individual, we are not afraid of experiments and bold decisions. We are not looking for universal solutions, we are looking for the best and most suitable solution for each specific project.

    I founded Metod Digital to help my clients achieve their goals and grow with them. I will be glad to see you in our company!

    Denis Devyatykh
    Metod Digital Founder